Holiday Traditions by Natalie Ann #mgtab

Holiday Traditions

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought it’d be a great time to see what holiday traditions others might have.

I’ve got plenty. First and foremost, I bake Christmas cookies and deliver them to friends and family several weeks before Christmas. When everyone is just waiting for them and haven’t had their fill. Plus, it’s one of the things to get off my to-do list. Yes, that is my kitchen and cookies I made this year!

Another tradition is celebrating the holiday on Christmas Eve at my house. Both my husband and my side of the family come. It’s a day full of food and gift exchanging for my side with the nieces and nephews. Christmas morning, we go to my in laws, and it’s the one holiday of the year I don’t have to host or cook. Yay me!

But my favorite holiday tradition of all is the 12 days of Christmas. Or my version of it. You see, my husband and I were high school sweethearts and back in the day I’d thought it’d be cute to give him a gift every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas Eve. He’d get his real gift on Christmas morning, so I started on December 13th and ended on the 24th.

Back then I just gave him candy each day. His mother didn’t appreciate it and always made comments on dental bills, but it didn’t stop me.  As the years went on, the gifts moved away from candy and onto things like socks, ornaments, favorite foods, beer etc.

When my son was two and could understand the tradition, I started it with him. All 12 of his gifts (and hubby’s) are wrapped in their own wrapping paper to tell them apart, all gifts are stored in a big bag or box for them to draw out randomly each day. Kiddo still draws his and his father’s out like he’s done all along.

Truth be told, this is my favorite holiday tradition of all. Me giving them something to look forward to daily. Though it’s not as much fun for the kiddo at 18 as it was at 2, he still looks forward to it. Same with the hubby. They even give me ideas now and again of what they’d like to get on those days—and I find that very helpful!

So how about you? Do you have a holiday tradition? If not, how about reading some holiday stories? The authors at Authors’ Billboard have several Holiday boxed collections out right now for just 99 cents each. Grab them up and sit back and enjoy!

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you!


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About Natalie Ann

Natalie Ann lives in Upstate NY with her husband, son, and French Bulldog.  She has always had a love for books, especially happily ever after. She writes contemporary romance with a dash of humor focusing on real life (but fictional) situations and storylines. She’s inspired by the crazy, ridiculous, touching, and emotional family dynamics that most people go through. Her series are based right in her home state or cities she has visited.

4 Replies to “Holiday Traditions by Natalie Ann #mgtab”

  1. Lovely traditions, Natalie Ann. Our family traditions have changed somewhat over the decades, what with remarriages, extended families, relatives who’ve moved out of state, and those who’ve gone to Heaven. That being said, the spirit of Christmas is always surrounding us, and we cherish the blessings we receive being with our families all year long.

    And, wow, those cookies. My oldest daughter makes a bunch of cookies, but nothing like your factory! Very impressive and mouth watering just to look at. Merry Christmas, Natalie Ann, to you and yours!


    • Thanks, Sue. And Merry Christmas to you and your family too. The Christmas cookies was something my mother did and after she passed away, I just ended up taking it over. It’s my way of keeping her memory alive for everyone besides myself. But the 12 days of Xmas…that was all me and my ‘boys’ love it!

  2. I love this idea! Nice way to build up the holiday excitement without draining the bank. Your cookies look delicious, I’m sure your friends and family appreciate all that effort.
    Happy holidays!

    • Yes. The 12 days was something I did because I love giving gifts and didn’t have a ton of money as a teen. With the kiddo, it was a way to have a nice build up for him. I hope to do it to grandkids someday too!

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