You May Be Just Two Words Away From a Happier, Stronger Relationship

I’m personally and professionally a relationship freak. Personally, I’m lucky to have many important relationships, most of which are incredibly satisfying and bring me joy. Professionally, I’m a romance writer which means that my “work life” revolves around writing about relationships. In all my books, the relationship challenges between my heroine and hero are an important part of the story. In some books the guy is the troublemaker and the woman tends to be the problem solver. In other series, the woman comes close to being a pain in the ass, while the guy is the peacemaker. Or, more often, they mix it up. Given that I’m a stickler for Happily Ever After endings, my books always end with peace, at least for the moment, between my main characters.

In addition to analyzing and creating fictional relationships, I also like to study them. I came across some interesting research that identified the factors that mark a successful relationship. The most intriguing element of the research, which was done at the University of Georgia and published in the journal Personal Relationships, concluded that two words were the determinants of happy, successful relationships.

What are the two magic words that make couples happy with their relationships?

Drum roll, please. They are: Thank You.

The University of Georgia research confirms that individuals who take the time to say thank you to their partners, their lovers, their family members, and friends tend to have the happiest, most fulfilling relationships.

Given that, I want to say thank you to all of you–my readers, my newsletter followers, my treasured team, and my fellow Author’s Billboard authors, who make my life so fulfilling.

Thank you, guys. I appreciate the heck out of you!



On her first mission, Officer Hailey Michels confronts the leader of a dangerous Cartel. Her chance to become a hero evaporates when the powerful Cartel member turns out to an undercover agent. It was bad enough to blow his cover but when she discovers who he really is, Hailey’s budding career, along with her heart, takes a decided nose dive.

The rookie cop learns the hard way that when tangling with the Justice Brothers, Justice—like Love– isn’t always fair or easy.

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USA Today Best Selling author Taylor Lee writes Suspenseful Mystery Thrillers – with a heavy dose of Sexy to Sizzling HOT Romance. In the five years that she has been writing, Taylor has written more than forty books. Her eight, series track her Special Operatives, Covert Agents, Cops, Firefighters and other iconic heroes and heroines, through the harrowing situations that make up their lives. From human trafficking rings to corrupt politicians, Taylor investigates the underbelly of society and the criminals who flourish there. Taylor says: “From the residue in my personal blender of mixed races, cultures and world views, my characters emerge. It comforts me to know that while evil slinks in the shadows, the “good guys and gals” of the world sniff it out – and snuff it out. My characters are arrogant alpha males and the feisty women who bring them to their knees – and vice versa… They fight hard, love hard and don’t mince words. They are dangerous men and women in dangerous times. Love, passion and ridding the world of evil? What’s not to like?

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  1. I totally agree! Receiving a “Thank you” lights up so many of my happy buttons–and I’ve noticed the same effect in others. Also, thanking someone often makes you see what you really do have to be grateful for . . . which makes you appreciate your relationship even more and makes any little things you don’t like seem much, much less significant. 😉

    Thank _you_ for the insightful post and great reminder, Taylor! 🙂 🙂

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