Boo! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Did you buy candy?  Will you dress up to greet the little goblins who come to your front door?  My husband occasionally dresses up, but not in anything scary.  Our decorations are limited to three pumpkins and a wreath, but we have TONS of candy!  That could be a problem if we don’t get enough trick-or-treaters.  Or maybe I can just send the remainder to his work group!

One member of our family is carrying on the Halloween spirit for us.  Our pomeranian Bijou is wearing ghostly bows.  Here’s a pic.  Enjoy! 🙂  xo, Leanne


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About Leanne Banks

Leanne Banks is a national #1 best-selling author with over fifty romance novels to her credit. Leanne was born and raised in the wonderful town of Roanoke, Virginia. Growing up in "the star city of the south" had a huge impact on her outlook and her writing. Her B.S. in Psychology only qualifies her to treat fictional characters and she began writing when her two children were very young. Leanne believes in the transforming power of love, so writing romance novels comes naturally to her. Her muse is a 4.5 lb Pomeranian who is happy to snooze beside Leanne while Leanne creates. Leanne loves travel and trips to the beach, but what's most important to her is family. Leanne's home on the web is To get the most up-to-date scoop on Leanne, visit her on facebook!/leanne.banks

2 Replies to “Boo! Happy Halloween!”

  1. We don’t have trick or treaters in our neighborhood so we don’t even buy candy…I used to love celebrating Halloween though. Thanks to Bijou for carrying the torch!

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