Whatcha watchin’?

Or maybe I should ask: What show have you binge-watched lately?

I’m in need of new recommendations for TV series and have Netflix and Amazon. Recently I’ve finished Versailles, The Santa Clarita Diet, and have started Sneaky Pete.

Versailles is a gorgeous, lush look at the 17th century king Louis XIV and his rise to power as he built up his father’s former hunting lodge to the splendid palace known over the world as Versailles. The actor who plays the king is regal and pretty. He spends a lot of time admiring himself in mirrors (as I’m guessing the real king did), and as well he flits from bed to bed of various lovers (also, as the real king did). [Note: everyone in this show is pretty. I read that the wigs they used cost $4K each. Yep, well worth it.]

The king’s brother, Philippe was openly known as a man of varied sexual tastes. He also often cross-dressed at court. The actor who plays Philippe has a marvelous time with the character, ranging from a fop wearing corset and makeup to a palace party, to the determined solider leading his troops into war. He, as well, flits from bed to bed, and oftentimes he can be found in bed with his wife (a childhood friend, and the king’s lover as well) and his current lover, the Chevalier. Fun stuff! And, oh, the costumes. If you love a good costume drama, I highly recommend the series.

I just finished The Santa Clarita Diet, and I was initially reluctant to even check it out. I can’t do zombies. I just don’t like the gross stuff. And trust me, there is copious gross stuff in this comedy series. But yes, it is a comedy. And you know? If you can get past the vomit scene in the first episode, you can totally do the whole season. It is freakin’ hilarious! Even while I’m cringing I’m also laughing out loud. I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a long time.

Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore make the perfect suburban couple who work together as realtors. When Drew suddenly becomes a zombie, her husband (Olyphant) loves her so much he really wants to understand and help her to survive, even while he’s going a little crazy himself at such an insane situation. It’s a short show at half an hour an episode. And if you need a good laugh, and don’t mind some gross effects, I recommend this series as well.

Now, what series should I try next?

Michele Hauf

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7 Replies to “Whatcha watchin’?”

  1. I don’t watch Netflix but if you get the chance check out the series Six. It’s about SEAL Team Six and is gritty and in many places horrifying, but also shows what kind of trials these men and their families go through in order to protect each and every one of us. Haunting.
    Congrats on your new release, awesome cover!

  2. Have you watched Grace & Frankie on Netflix. It stars Jane Fonda and Lili Tomlin. It’s hillarious. After many years of marriage their husbands decide to devorce them and marry each other. And then the fun starts. It has 26 episodes.

  3. Michele, you had me at TV series. My hubby travels a lot so I’m often home alone in the evening and have insomnia. *g* We did away with the satellite TV and cable and have attic-mounted antenna for local stations (all the networks & some interesting local variations of some of the more popular cable channels). Foreign series on Netflix are amazing–really imaginative stories, intelligent execution, and usually not the “pretty” Hollywood people but actors who look like “real” people. Most of the foreign series are far more imaginative and intelligent.
    Nobel – Norwegian (watch Headhunters also starring Aksel Hennie)
    The Fall – Northern Ireland – don’t watch alone at night
    The Killing – set in Seattle but based on the Danish series
    River – British – starring Stellan Skarsgård
    Paranoid – British starring Indira Varma
    Call My Agent – French
    Marcella – French
    Jessica Jones
    Luke Cage
    The Ranch
    Limitless – wish Netflix would pick this up and make more episodes
    Longmire – picked up from A&E

    • Joan, Headhunters is one of my fav movies! Now I definitely have to look for Nobel.
      Yes, the Fall was awesome. I can never see Jamie Dornan as a sexy 50 Shades guy after watching that show.
      Paranoid, yep, another great one!
      Marcella is on my list!

      Thanks for all the recs!

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