The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

How many of you are theme park enthusiasts? Despite living in South Florida, it wasn’t until last year that I bought a season resident pass. This is a significant savings if you plan on going more than once, or to multiple parks. The year runs 12 months from the point of purchase rather than January to January. We chose Universal instead of Disney because of Harry Potter 🙂

The books are amazing, the movies are fabulous but the theme park takes it all to another level and makes it real. I am not big on rides and roller coasters are definitely out but the interactive wands and people watching are worth every (expensive) penny. The fire breathing dragon over Gringotts bank/ride expels flame every ten minutes.

We ate cottage pie and drank wizard brew at The Leaky Cauldron, where the wooden timbers of the tavern were all slightly askew. The wooden chandelier slowly rotated above the long dining hall tables. Of course there was butter beer (best frozen, in my opinion) and fish pie (that I didn’t eat but friends said was good) and toad in a hole. You could buy everything in Diagon Alley from wizard robes to wands to chocolate frogs. It was my third time this year and the magic remains–it is just as fun watching other people’s jaws drop with amazement as they pass behind the brick wall into another world as it was feeling that first-time joy. Well done, JK and Universal!…/Wizarding-World-Of-Harry-Potter.aspx

So–are you a theme park person? Disney, or Universal? Roller coasters, or simulation rides?

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5 Replies to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”

  1. We went to the Universal Harry Potter park not long after it opened. I get the feeling from your description that it’s better now. I did like all the stuff in Hogwarts and the main ride. I would say that if you can possibly manage it, go to the Warner Brothers Studio Harry Potter tour outside London. (Right, a big trip.) You can tour a lot of the actual sets and find out insider info–like how they made snot and drool. How they made the anamtronic animals. How they made models of the actors to use when they were unconscious. You enter through the dining hall at Hogwarts. I will have to go back to Universal and see what they’ve done. Question–when we were there, you had to walk around the lake (in one direction or the other) to get to the Harry Potter land. Have they arranged for a boat to take people across the lake, or is it still a long walk? I will say that without that walk, I would never have discovered the re-creation of King Tut’s tomb, though. And going back the other way, I did like all the exhibits from comics that I remember.

    • I would love to know how to make snot, lol–they now have a train that takes you from one park to the other…which is a ride in and of itself! We also did the King Kong ride, which was an hour an a half wait for a five minute ride. I wouldn’t do it again…the Potter rides are definitely worth the wait time!

  2. One of our sons took his family to the Wizarding World, and they LOVED it! One of our daughters wants to go because she’s totally a Harry Potter freak. Happy New Year, Traci.

    • Happy New Year to you too! As you can see in the picture, we aren’t kids, lol–it didn’t change the “magic” feeling. I hope your daughter gets to go soon–I highly recommend the wand!

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