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I was delighted to join 20 best-selling authors to create the Love, Christmas, Box Set, a gift to our readers and everyone who loves Christmas. Each of the twenty never-before published Novellas in the collection is a tribute to a special Christmas song. What could be more Christmasy? We even had a contest asking readers to choose their favorite Holiday song. JoAnn Varner participated in our Love, Christmas Box Set contest and I am honored to dedicate my story, Santa Baby, to her!

I’ve always gotten a kick out of Eartha Kitt’s rendition of Santa Baby, a sultry ode to Christmas materialism. As she ticks off the list of Christmas goodies she hopes to receive from Santa, I smile at her brazenness.

In my story, I took the song Santa Babyand turned it on its head. My heroine is a young woman with a four year old child on the run from a crime she didn’t commit. Rather than wishing for all the things the singer wants under her Christmas tree, my heroine just hopes she can somehow manage to get a tree. And more important that she can stay one step ahead of the dangerous man closing in on her and her daughter.

As you can see from the cover, my heroine does the only thing she can to make money—yep, she’s a stripper. But no fears, this is a distinctly Happy Ever After Christmas story. However, it does take a hard look at the people who are not wishing for “things” for Christmas, rather praying that they can somehow protect their children and themselves from harm.

A Teaser from my Santa Baby story:

Dancing to Eartha Kitt ticking off all the goodies she wants her Santa Baby to put under her tree, Lily slid down the stripper pole and stifled a sigh A blue convertible? A sable? A Tiffany ring? Right! Like Lily could expect anything remotely like that under her tree! How about first making sure she had a tree.
At that moment she saw him. The big man with the shaggy blond hair and gleaming dark eyes, was leaning casually back in his chair. His narrowed expression was hard, knowing. It was clear that he was studying her. Stunned, Lily quickly looked away, her carefully honed rules fleeing in her panic. The imposing man had “cop” written all over him. Squashing down her terror, Lily pasted a professional smile on her face, waved to the screaming crowd, and fled the stage.

• Anyone who’d ever tangled with dirty cops knew that the hard blue line protected the most egregious acts committed by one of their brothers. If anyone doubted that was true all they had to know was that Aiden was a free man and Lily was on the run.
• Lily’s only hope was that this time she and Gabriella had gone far enough, fast enough, that he wouldn’t be able to find them.
• If he was any judge of women who shed their clothes for a living, and Zach most certainly was, he recognized her startled wide-eyed expression. He’d seen it far too many times in his line of work. It was fear, pure and simple.
• The Vice Cop reminded himself all that meant was that the beautiful woman had something big to hide.


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About Taylor Lee

USA Today Best Selling author Taylor Lee writes Suspenseful Mystery Thrillers – with a heavy dose of Sexy to Sizzling HOT Romance. In the five years that she has been writing, Taylor has written more than forty books. Her eight, series track her Special Operatives, Covert Agents, Cops, Firefighters and other iconic heroes and heroines, through the harrowing situations that make up their lives. From human trafficking rings to corrupt politicians, Taylor investigates the underbelly of society and the criminals who flourish there. Taylor says: “From the residue in my personal blender of mixed races, cultures and world views, my characters emerge. It comforts me to know that while evil slinks in the shadows, the “good guys and gals” of the world sniff it out – and snuff it out. My characters are arrogant alpha males and the feisty women who bring them to their knees – and vice versa… They fight hard, love hard and don’t mince words. They are dangerous men and women in dangerous times. Love, passion and ridding the world of evil? What’s not to like?

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  1. I’m looking forward to reading SANTA BABY. I like your spin on it, but I do love the song whether sung by Eartha Kitt or Bernadette Peters. Great song. I’m thinking the box set is going to be great too!

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