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I love Christmas trees—the way they smell and the way they look when they’re decked in twinkling colored lights and shiny ornaments. As a child I used to curl up near the tree at night, and I still do. But mostly I love what the carol says about them.

I chose “O Christmas Tree” for my book in the collection because this beautiful carol presents the Christmas tree as a symbol of endurance and hope.

For thousands of years, long before Christmas as we know it existed, the evergreen tree was a symbol of hope to Germanic tribes, its branches a reminder during the harsh days of winter that spring will come.

People who are having hard times or missing loved ones who are far away or who have passed on feel it most deeply at this time of year. To quote Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol, it is a time “when want is keenly felt and abundance rejoices.”

My novella in the LOVE, CHRISTMAS collection is about two people who have been hurt by life but find a way to go forward and believe in love again.

Domestic cat and Christmas treeBlaming himself for the collapse of a storm shelter that took the lives of his wife and son in a violent tornado, Cody has spent the last three years running, moving from place to place, taking whatever odd job is available to sustain his empty life. Piper knows what it takes to endure and hope in the face of the odds, especially at Christmas, which is why she opened a cat cafe where people can come and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of petting cats and laugh at their often silly antics. So when the ruggedly handsome man with the desolate look in his face steps into her cat cafe to deliver a box of stray kittens, something tells her it’s going to be a very interesting holiday.

My book is dedicated to my winner in our Christmas Carol Contest:Jackie Wisherd. Congratulations, Jackie, I’ll be sending you a copy of the collection.


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