Late Summer in the Garden

What I love about August in the garden:
blog3The late summer flowers like the tall phlox and the black-eyed Susans are in their glory. The annuals I plant in pots are at their showy best. But the weeds have calmed down, which means there are fewer invaders to pull. I can enjoy the lush surroundings without doing much work. The weather is not so hot, which means it’s pleasant to sit out in the morning and the late afternoon with my laptop—and a cat—working on a novel. When I look up, there’s a lot of wildlife to see because I’ve tried to make the garden nature friendly.

Right now I have butterflies visiting the phlox. Goldfinches are enjoying the black-eyed Susans. Lots of birds including blue jays, cardinals, robins, catbirds, and sparrows come to the birdbaths and the pond to drink. They are some of the same birds that flock around my two feeders—where squirrels and chipmunks compete for the seeds on the ground.

blog4Too bad, the wildlife includes mosquitoes and those nasty little varmints called no-see-ums. Really, I never do see them, but hours after I’ve been out pulling weeds, I find itchy bites on my legs. They’ve taught me to wear long pants or spray on repellent.

What I’ve learned over the years is that I love planting greenery and flowers and watching them grow. I also love cooking—either creating new recipes or making old favorites. When I’m not writing my own books or reading, I’m likely to be in the kitchen or the garden.

I have my comfort zone here at home. These simple things make me happy—as much as coming up with a great story idea and getting it into the computer.

On the other hand, I’m married to a man who likes to travel, and we’ve had some amazing adventures around the world. I feel lucky to have done some of them before the terrorist era. We had a wonderful time in Turkey three years ago—even though our hotel turned out to be in the middle of a riot zone. Now I wouldn’t go back to Turkey or Egypt. Do we ever get to see Morocco? And would I return to Belgium or France? My husband says the chances of running into terrorists are slim. But maybe we played it safe by going to London this summer—where there was a knife attack very close to one of the places we walked. (It happened right after we got home.)

What makes you happy? And what would you like to try if you had the chance?

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8 Replies to “Late Summer in the Garden”

  1. I relish the same home comforts you mentioned: gardening and cooking. Once, I loved traveling, but now it’s such a hassle not to mention anxiety. I’m glad I traveled the Far East and Europe before all the terrorist concerns arose.

  2. I still love to travel. And I’m not to much worried about my safety since the places I’m likely to be are quite safe. We traveled across Canada this summer to visit family and I was enthralled with the Rocky Mtns and even the plains of Saskatchewan and Alberta were quite beautiful. Have to admit that my garden had taken quite a eating by me being away. The weeds are taller than the potatoes LOL!!

  3. I love your yard, Ruth. It could be featured in Home and Gardens! I love to travel, but have never been on a plane or a train. We’ve traveled right across Canada, coast to coast, and the top of the United States (I loved Maine and Vermont) but it’s always good to come home 🙂

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