The Most Important Sense

You may think that seeing and hearing are our most important senses. Yet a recent study by a professor and specialist of neurology revealed that the power of touch is unique and difficult to replace. After an extended study, he explained that people who lost loved ones, especially elders who have no one in their lives to hug or kiss them suffered enormous psychological damage.

Professor Linden interviewed an 88-year old woman among others. She’s been married for fifty years. She used to cuddle with her husband before falling asleep. She said that it kept her warm and relaxed. Her husband died twenty years ago. Since then she had trouble sleeping in her cold bed. Adding blanket, wearing socks or raising the room temperature didn’t help.


My mother and her great-grandson who at 3y understood that Momom needed him.

Recently, in the nursing home where she lives the residents have been encouraged to mingle and build friendship, to hug and kiss. This has made a huge difference for her well-being and her companions’.

As part of the research, it was found that older people who receive professional massage are in a better mental health than elderly who are never touched.

Depriving babies of touch is a disaster. Growth is slowed and behavioral disorders emerge according to Professor Linden. Touch is crucial for forging that first emotional bond with a parent. The necessity of touch endures as we age. It is the social glue that binds parents with children.

One study showed that basketball teams that engage in more celebratory touch, such as high fives and chest bumps, play more cooperatively and win more games.

So don’t be afraid to touch and hug people you care for. And don’t hesitate to have your hero and heroine kiss.


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4 Replies to “The Most Important Sense”

  1. This makes a lot of sense, Mona. I think they’ve done studies on orphaned babies in third world countries and they found the same results.Babies who are hugged, are healthier and better behaved, not so much crying or fussing than the ones left alone.

  2. In the photo I posted my grandson is holding Mom’s hand. He always did that. He was only three and always holding her hand as if he felt she wasn’t strong and needed him.
    We always joked that we had to give Mom 100 kisses a day to help her survive being in a wheel chair.

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