What Makes For A Kick Ass Heroine?

‘Everyone tells me he’s not good for me but he’s the love of my life – I can’t leave him.’

I want to say yes, yes you can – but I know that she won’t listen. Not in the two minutes and maybe less I have to speak with her. So I tell her she may love him but she deserves to be loved by someone who treats her with respect while getting her to give me her mother’s name and phone number as a contact.

And I can’t help but pray she doesn’t slavishly follow Belle’s lead from Twilight or other heroines willing to die for their hero. Be a Hermione, not a Belle as one friend so brilliantly put it. Develop your brains and your talents. Learn to work with and develop relationships with people who you can love and trust.

I write heroines who can take care of themselves. They make mistakes, sometimes they do crazy things and they can definitely drive the men in their lives crazy, but they don’t suffer from the Too Stupid To Live Syndrome.

Maxine, the heroine in my Death By Chocolate series may be an amateur when it comes to sleuthing but she’s got good instincts and knows a lot of the people in the mysteries she’s solved. After all they tend to happen at events she’s catered. It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for her catering business but since people really do love chocolate they do seem to overlook that fact.

Kate McLaren in Lost In Vegas has lost everything when she comes to Vegas and she makes some bad decisions. In my twenties I made some bad decisions too. I think a lot of people do. But she lands on her feet and is instrumental in catching and bringing her kidnappers to justice. She brings a way of looking at and approaching people that JT doesn’t have. Together, they’re unstoppable. I really want to write a sequel to that book!

How about you? What type of heroines and heroes do you like? What draws you to a story. I’d love to hear from you. And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win monthy books and gift cards. You won’t regret it!

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11 Replies to “What Makes For A Kick Ass Heroine?”

  1. I love how you started this post out, Pat. Certainly gets us thinking. I have to agree with you, the weak and submissive heroine is a thing of the past. Readers now want their heroines to have a ‘backbone’ and to be an equal partner in the relationship.

  2. I tend to write strong-minded, self-sufficient heroines also but I have to admit to trying hard to give my heroes a more realistic personality than the authors did in the days of the ahhh….bodice rippers!! I do believe the females are getting stronger, but I also realize that males are getting sweeter.

  3. I’d love for you to write a sequel to “Lost in Vegas,” Pat! I want to what read Arlene and Catalina’s stories, and see how Kate & JT are doing. But of course that series wouldn’t be complete without Lottie. That’s one of the perks of a series–watching people rise to be the next heroine.

    • I actually do have part of one featuring Catalina so maybe I’ll find the time to finish it! I’ve thought of stories with Lottie in it but I’ve never considered Arlene before….

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