Authors’ Billboard October Contest

´*•.¸(*•.¸ ♥ A Chance to Win $100 ♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

I propose a CHALLENGE – with $100 Amazon gift certificate / or a Paypal payment as the prize.

As you know, we are trying to reac…h the USAT list with our new 99 cent Authors’ Billboard collection “Love, Christmas 2” and we need help in one area.

Of course it’s sales – but not just any sales. We need to sell as many books as possible to readers who support: B&N, Kobo and iBooks.

Therefore to encourage you, our readers, who buy books at those venues, if you reply with a link showing a purchase from any one of these 3 places, we will enter your name into the Giveaway. You can enter as many times as you have purchase slips. The draw will be picked on Oct 23rd.

Just email your proof of purchase to


***This giveaway is exclusive to the Authors’ Billboard. (No purchase necessary to enter.)

Pre-order from:

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Apple

Authors’ Billboard OCTOBER Contest

2 X $25 Amazon Gift Card Special Giveaways


2 Paperback novels donated by authors

from the Billboard group:

Lord Barrington’s Minx by Alyssa Bailey

Second Shield by Stacy Eaton



3 free box collections the winners can choose from the Authors Billboard Books!


This month’s contest is focused again on our new box set – Love, Christmas, 2.

This month’s contest challenges you to click on the cover and find the covers that lead you directly to Amazon. List the title on the form below the covers.

Winners from Sept are:

Samantha B
Brenda W
Vicki H
Glenda H
Catherine W
Maureen H

October contest submissions