Authors’s Billboard January Giveaway Feature

Welcome to January!

Since January is typically the month of weather that makes you want to stay inside and read – as well as the month we spend paying off holiday bills – this month’s giveaway is right up your alley!

This month we are asking you to click around and find out how many of the books below are FREE! (And of course, if you see a book that interests you and fits in your budget, go ahead and pick up a copy!)

By entering your information at the bottom of this page, you can enter to win one of the prizes below:

Two $10 Amazon gift cards

A paperback copy of Jane (I’m Still Single) Jones by Joan Reeves

A paperback copy of Following His Heart by Donna Fasano

3 lucky winners will win their choice of one of the Authors’ Billboard Box Sets

Winners from December are:

Debra B
Sheryl S.
Joan L.
Debra L.
Carolyn T.
Barbara C.
Jo P.

January contest submissions