Catting around?!

Yardley on her Cat D3 8/18/2013

Here, Kitty, kitty… Feral cats have always been in my life. From the kitties we ‘rescued’ from the hay barns as kids, to the cats my mother ‘stole’ from the park during her lunch breaks at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (to have them fixed), to the abandoned cats my husband started feeding during the minus zero weather in Alaska. (Yardley, left, is now a wonderful indoor/outdoor cat).

Cats are survivors. One reason cats survive is because of sheer numbers. A female (queen) can start breeding at five months and have four litters a year.
If she has four kittens each time, that means in ten years, she’s populated the area with nearly 1.4 MILLION cats! (See the t-shirt for the math equation)

I recently helped control the local population explosion of feral cats by transporting a dozen of the offenders to the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. These citizens of the Oakdale Cat Colony were examined, wormed if necessary, checked and treated for ear mites, spayed or neutered, then given the ‘right ear snip’ that indicated a sterilized cat. These guys and gals already have jobs waiting for them and will be re-acclimated to their new work stations as barn cats in teams of two or more.

If you’d like to help, but don’t want to adopt a cat (or even transport a dozen or so), give to your local or regional agency or even to FCCO. I know they would appreciate any monetary help. Their suggested donation is $30 per cat. (notice the snipped right ear on the name plate)

So, where did the term ‘catting around’ come from? I don’t know, but if you do, please leave a comment so all of us will know!

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Dani Haviland

Dani Haviland, formerly of Connecticut, Arizona, and Alaska, recently semi-retired from selling tractor parts, tools, and roses. She moved to a more temperate climate in western Oregon to pursue her passions: writing, gardening, and photography.
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Homeless Animals in Wintertime by Denise Devine

White Cat in 2013I have been feeding a feral cat off and on for about two and a half years. He shows up when he’s really hungry and cries to me for something to eat. My horse barn is empty now and I have a small shelter set up in there filled with blankets and an old comforter, but he only uses it occasionally. I’m sure he’s also getting food from another source in our neighborhood and possibly a warmer place to stay, but I don’t know who else is providing for him. My rural neighborhood is surrounded by State lands and we have a lot of wildlife roaming our area. I can’t leave food unattended because opossums love cat food and they eat it all every night. So I feed the white cat whenever he comes around.

White Cat in 2016He showed up about a week ago on my deck, peering through the sliding glass door. I hadn’t seen him in six months and I have to admit, I honestly thought he was dead. Even though he’s covered with a thick coat of hair, it’s obvious the years have not been kind to him. His face was full of scratches from fighting, one of his ears was nearly bare and his right front leg was injured so badly that he limped. I set out a blanket for him to rest on and gave him a bowl of dry food with a huge helping of canned food on top. He allows me to set the bowl in front of him, but if I try to touch him, he hisses and slaps at me, extending his claws.

He’s better today. The lacerations on his face are healing and he walks normally again. I don’t know how long he’ll hang round this time, but I’m happy to be there for him when he needs me.

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Denise Devine is a USA Today bestselling author who wrote her first book, a mystery, at age thirteen and has been writing ever since. Her newest publication, A Christmas to Remember, is on sale now for 99 cents. And, yes, it includes a pet!A Christmas to Remember.Kindle.10.27.15


Denise Devine

Denise Devine is a USA TODAY bestselling author who writes sweet romantic comedy and inspirational romance. She is currently writing two series, Forever Yours (Inspirational) and Counting Your Blessings (Christmas romantic comedy). You can visit her at