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Planning a Family ReunionAre you thinking of planning a family reunion? The perfect weather of fall—sunny and mild—makes for a great time to get everyone together. Family Tree Magazine has a great article called 10 Steps to Family Reunion Success which offers helpful tips and advice for planning a family reunion. And I found this Pinterest page that has some suggestions, too.

Start by picking a date and location. Choosing a theme might be a good idea for some families. Gather a team to do the organizing. Don’t forget to come up with a budget that works for everyone. Come up with a menu that accommodates all diets (meat-eaters, vegetarians, diabetics, etc.). Be prepared with a backup plan (you know, just in case Uncle George forgets to bring the ice or cousin Sandy doesn’t show). Get the word out by mailing invitations, using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), and making phone calls. On the big day, offer something for everyone: appropriate music for the older generation, games, crafts and a place to play for the kids, and don’t forget to provide a place to sit, catch-up, and reminisce.

To some people, family is everything… and planning a family reunion is a wonderful way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Priceless Treasures #FamilyValues #Crafts #mgtab @jacqbiggar

Priceless Treasures


Do you have homemade crafts passed down from generation to generation that are priceless treasures you can’t bear to part with?

I’m probably one of the least sentimental people you’re likely to meet, but there are some items from my childhood that I coveted. Special bowls and vases tucked away in glass cabinets so sticky little fingers couldn’t break them.

My mom had an English cottage set; cookie jar, creamer/sugar, egg cups, and tea pot. I used to make up stories of imaginary people living in that village. 🙂

Another cool thing she had was a little hollowed out shell, smaller than a fingernail, with a carved ivory queen head for a stopper. Inside was an amazing menagerie of African animals in ivory; giraffe, lion, zebra, monkey, eight in all.

Along with these beautiful collectibles, my mom and grandma were busy crafters; crocheted doilies and tablecloths, handmade quilts, paper toile pictures, and eggery.

Eggery? you say. Eggery is the fine art of decorating hollowed eggs inside and out. The most famous, of course, being Fabergé, but I think my mom did pretty good work herself.

img_3657    img_3659


Here’s a video on the process.

I guess with all the commercialism of the holidays it’s made me think about the things I’ve found have everlasting value.

There is no price on memories.

Happy holidays,

Jacquie Biggar


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Jacquie Biggar

Lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her her husband, daughter, and grandson. Loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. Spoils her German shepherd, Annie and calico cat, Harley.
And can’t function without coffee.
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Take Time for Simple Pleasures #Summer #Family #mgtab @jacqbiggar



One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to pack an impromptu picnic lunch and go for a drive with DH until we find that perfect spot to while away the afternoon.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life we let the simple pleasures go by the wayside.

Funny thing though, looking back on my life it’s those sort of days I remember the most.

Rising early and driving deep into the forest to my dad’s favorite fishing spot, then walking through the bog, losing my shoe and having him rescue it for me. 🙂 Catching a creel full of trout and grayling and then stopping for lunch along the riverbank.


Attribution: By Sobebunny – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


Or going for a drive up and over the Great Divide to pick raspberries with my aunt who had a condition that had us kids giggling, but must have been frustrating and possibly dangerous for her. You see, she had a condition where she would be talking and all the sudden she’d fall asleep mid-sentence! When she woke up, she’d continue the conversation even though it might be fifteen minutes later.




One of my favorite times was a picnic into the Cadomin mountains with my grandparents. My grandpa was sick with cancer at the time and wouldn’t see the next summer, but for that day, life was good.




Don’t forget to take the time to enjoy simple pleasures, they’re the ones that matter the most.

Jacquie Biggar

Jacquie Biggar

Lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her her husband, daughter, and grandson. Loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. Spoils her German shepherd, Annie and calico cat, Harley.
And can’t function without coffee.
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Preparing for the End by @AileenFish #mgtab

I’m here to talk about a difficult subject, so I’ll warn you up front. I’m talking about death and dying.

I recently lost my mother. (To which she’d say, “I’m not lost, I’m right here!”) I’d say it was sudden and unexpected, but she was eighty-eight, and the reality clock said time was winding down.

As difficult as it was to cope with, especially since I was her caretaker, she made it easy. She’d prepared.

Years ago, probably when she was battling breast cancer, she purchased a prepaid cremation plan. I don’t know what it cost, but they allowed her to make payments. She kept the contact information in her wallet and let my sister and me know it was there. “Call the number on the back, they’ll do everything.”

She died in the hospital, so the hospital staff made the phone calls for me. With my head was still reeling with the idea the whole thing was a dream—a very bad one—this was a huge help. When someone needed information, they called me. The only call I needed to make was to the life insurance company.

Mom had let us all know she was DNR—do not resuscitate. Even knowing this didn’t make it easier to say the words in the emergency room, but I knew the right answer, at least. She’d made sure that one of us had any of the power of attorney documents that might be needed down the road.

She loved us. She took the burden away from us.

You might think I’m telling you what conversations you should have with your parents or other elderly relatives, but there’s more. Talk to your kids, your spouse. Look into prepaid arrangements and life insurance. Find out how to assign the various power of attorney forms, and make a decision on DNR. Make a will.

Someone will have to be responsible for initiating your funeral and burial arrangements, sorting belongings. They might also have to consider difficult decisions on your treatment. Show them you love them and prepare ahead of time.

Mom lived a full, wonderful life, and had plenty of time to take care of this, but the truth is what we all know. We could go at any time. You are loved. You will be missed. Someone will grieve and have to answer questions they won’t want to speak out loud. Give them the answers so they may speak for you.

And while you’re at it, say, “I love you” as often as possible. Hug if you’re comfortable with it. Call, visit, Skype or Facetime. Send a card, write a letter, or text. There will be times when your child might not respond, but they’ll have the memory later. Almost as important—take pictures. Of everyone, not just the ones from out of town. Take selfies of you together. These things are what we leave behind to those who love us. Don’t let them down.

In memory of Sarah Faris Fish 1927-2016

mom aspen wedding_edited-1


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