The Stone House Secret by Debra Burroughs

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…uncover the Killer?

Since feisty newspaper reporter Jenessa Jones’ return to her hometown of Hidden Valley, California, her budding romance with the handsome Detective Michael Baxter has begun to heat up–but there are certain people in town that are not pleased and will do all they can to keep that from happening. When a scandalous murder is uncovered on the nearby college campus, Jenessa is assigned the front-page story at the local newspaper, the Hidden Valley Herald. Surprisingly, her aunt is named as a prime suspect, compelling Jenessa to find the real killer in order to keep her favorite relative from going to prison. As she doggedly follows the growing trail of clues, Jenessa’s investigation takes a dangerous turn and puts her life in peril. With time running out, can Detective Baxter capture the murderer and save the woman he loves?

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