Road to Redemption by Natalie Ann

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…Now he’s ready for a second chance.

More than anything, Dr. Jack Reynolds just wants to be alone. Who cares about the dreams he has filled with the hyperactive nurse he met over the summer. Or the smile she always has for him when they pass in the hall. Not to mention the way those smiles make him feel. No, she is trouble for a man that has firmly decided relationships are off limits. Cori Summers just wants to have fun. There is nothing better in life than being around people, laughing, smiling and eating. Because food is one of her favorite things—well, sweets are some of her favorite things. In her eyes, nothing compares to dessert, unless it’s the new hunky doctor that blushes whenever she walks by or sends him a little wave. Deep down, Jack pulls at Cori. As much as she just wants to have fun, there is more to Jack than meets the eye. He makes her want to slow down—something she has never done before. Live life to the fullest and full speed ahead has always worked for her. Jack, he would rather mosey along like a snail. Can the two of them come to terms with their differences and make it work? Or will Cori’s big personality be too much for Jack to handle?

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