One Last Kiss Cynthia Cooke

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…Just a Sweet Memory

Written by Cynthia Cooke as part of the Eternal Bachelors Club series created by Tina Folsom: One last Kiss.

The Eternal Bachelor, Hunter Hamilton, can’t believe his eyes when Leigh West, the sexy actress from his past shows up in his favorite bar and sets his insides on fire–again. But she’s still steaming about what he’d done. And to further complicate matters, if she finds out about the reputation he’s acquired as the billionaire in blue jeans, his efforts to win her back would be doomed.

Ashleigh didn’t expect to run into the gorgeous man from her past. One look at him, though, and she was in trouble. She was back home to take care of her dad, not rekindle a romance with a man who’d already broken her heart once. Who was still keeping too many secrets. She wouldn’t fall for his sexy charms again. Or would she?

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