Beachcomber Reckoning by Stephanie Queen

Special ops legend Dane Blaise made a lot of enemies in his violent career, but none more dangerous than his first; the enemy he made before he’d been a legend, the one he made at the age of sixteen. Local juvenile delinquent, Dagmar Hunt had the bad luck of running into Dane at the wrong time and wrong place. Dane knew he couldn’t let Dag get away with what he’d done. Dane was only a kid, but he’d been determined to make Dag pay. He went after Dag and succeeded in getting the notorious badass thrown in jail for his violent crimes. Dag never forgot the debt owed Dane and over the years, while he was in and out of jail, he’d held his grudge and as he became more powerful and notorious made the ultimate threat to get his retribution. Dane’s past is finally about to catch up with him and now he needs to protect the ones he loves most from paying the price.

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