Unforgettable Romances

Seven unforgettable romances! Seven hot heroes! These emotionally satiating, tales of contemporary love stories will brighten your day, warm your heart, and quench your desire for happy ever after. From merry-go-round passion, to a beautiful Chilean earthquake survivor, an aristocrat coming to visit or that excruciating puppy love everyone endures – this collection has it all. Unforgettable romances with hunky men who might just live next door… or a French aristocrat visiting for a while! Fantasy satisfaction – Guaranteed.

Mimi Barbour – NYT & USA Today – I’m No Angel Anyone who thinks Angelina’s an angel is very much mistaken, she’s all woman!

Traci Hall – USA Today – Puppy Love by the Sea Single dad pet store owner meets a vigilant animal control officer and life goes to the dogs!

Patrice Wilton – NYT & USA Today – All Of Me How far will a mother go to save her young daughter’s life?

Mona Risk – NYT & USA Today – No More Lies A lie that brings a smile or a truth drawing tears? Had Luc really known his sweet Olivia back then? He wants her back, but he wants the truth, too.

Leanne Banks – NYT & USA Today – Then Came You Once-bitten, forever-shy, can Cassie open her heartto love again?

Donna Fasano – USA Today – The Merry-Go-Round Lauren steps off the marriage merry-go-round and her life turns into a three-ring circus.

Mimi Barbour – NYT & USA Today – Snow Pup A puppy brings Christmas magic to an orphan, a beautiful deputy & a lonely father.

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