Wicked Surrender (Regency Sinners 2)

Wicked Surrender is the 2nd book in USA today Bestselling Author, Carole Mortimer’s, Amazon #1 Regency Sinners series. Author’s note: The stories in the Regency Sinners, Regency Unlaced, Dragon Hearts, Knight Security, and Alpha series, have strong sexual content and language than my other books. Eight gentlemen, known as The Sinners. Also agents for the Crown, they are each tasked with discovering which of the eight ladies in Society has been acting as a spy for Napoleon. By fair means or foul. Dante St Just, the Duke of Huntley, is less than pleased when he is asked to investigate the beautiful widow, Lady Isabella Aston. The two knew each other seven years ago, and parted badly. But neither can Dante bear the thought of passing Bella’s name to one of his friends. If anyone is to seduce Bella into revealing whether or not she is a spy, then it will be him or no one. Bella is surprised, and then suspicious, when Dante St Just calls unexpectedly at her home. She becomes alarmed when, that very evening, he carries her off in his carriage. Alone with Dante, with not even a servant to act as chaperone, how is Bella to resist the helpless attraction she had always felt toward him? Dante’s intention was to quickly confirm or disprove Bella’s innocence, after which he would either return her to London and the spymaster wishing to speak with her, or he would continue to keep her as his prisoner and the two of them would spent time together becoming reacquainted. Intimately. But he had not fully taken into account his wild and uncontrollable response to Bella’s sensual beauty. Or how that would affect his judgement where she is concerned.

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