A Valentine’s Day to Remember by Susan Jean Ricci

Home Economics… I paused mid-key and looked up to find my husband leaning against the doorway, his arms crossed. One shapely brow was raised as he awaited my response. I felt a frown wrinkling my forehead. “Do we have to do this right now?” Jay combed both hands through those gorgeous silver curls of his and sighed. “Yeah, I think we should.” I rose from my chair, albeit reluctantly, and followed him to the kitchen table. Here were spread little piles of what appeared to be utility bills, mortgage and credit card statements, property tax reports and the like – the whole enchilada of what life costs us to survive on a monthly basis or the sum of our existence, if you want to get mathematical about it. I let loose a low whistle. “How long have you been compiling all of this, Jay? “Ever since you headed off to your office to transpose that old man’s stories.” He looked at his watch. “About two hours, I guess.” There was also a notebook full of long columns of figures and a calculator on the table. “Why are you writing all this stuff down, instead of using a spread sheet in Excel?” I asked. “After all, you’re an accountant.” He took in a deep breath. “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but sometimes, unless you see things in black and white, you don’t get the gist of what I’m explaining.” My palm twitched as I wished it were permissible to smack one’s husband in the back of the head, at least every once in a while. “I can read a spread sheet, for crying out loud,” I replied hotly.

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