Dances Naked by Dani Haviland

The very young mother stood tall, unafraid on the outside, but trembling on the inside. He couldn’t be any worse than her brothers. She let the red man touch the sleeve of her dress and caress the cheek of her son who was intrigued with the man with long black hair. Junior reached both arms out to Red Shirt, wanting to be held. The brave looked at Rachel to see how she felt about it, not that it would make any difference to him—she was a white woman. But she wasn’t like the other ones he had seen up close. They were all frantic at his sight, scared, screaming and with water gushing out of their eyes and nose. No, she was different. Rachel dipped her head, giving him tacit permission to hold her son.

Red Shirt took the child and saw right away he was different. She did not have the cloth on his behind to keep the wetness and filth next to his skin. She kept her son bare-bottomed like he should be. She was young, but had already proved to be healthy enough to produce a son. He nodded his head at her. Yes, he’d take her and the child with him.

(Life was tough in the 1780s, but life with the red man seemed better than what she’d had with her brothers. Time travel adventure romance, free to read with Kindle Unlimited)

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