Blame It On Chocolate by Joan Reeves

The thudding in Chloe Elliot’s head matched the drumbeat of her heart. Could the fear of being discovered hiding in the coat closet bring on a heart attack? What if Hunter Cole found her hiding in this closet? She’d…she’d…well, she didn’t know what she’d do since it was unrealistic to expect a giant hole to open and swallow her up, never to be seen again in the small town of Seveer, Texas. If she could get away from here unseen, she’d never do anything this stupid again. It was Hunter’s fault. There was just something about the man that addled her brain. She’d see him walking past the library, and faster than she could say Dewey Decimal System, the three-pound organ inside her skull, supposedly the most complex organ in the body, began concocting flaky schemes to attract his attention. The doorknob rattled. Chloe crossed her arms and clutched the lapels of her trench coat, holding it tight against her body. The door flew open, and her worst fear was realized. There stood Hunter Cole. Holy guacamole! Where was a giant sinkhole when you really needed one?

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