Two Hearts Find Christmas by Tamara Ferguson

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Why not just tell her some of the truth? There were very few people he could talk to.

“I just wanted to reassure you that these guys will be taken care of, and behind bars, where they deserve to be. And it’ll most likely happen in the next few weeks.”

This time she sat up attentively.

But then she began trembling as delayed shock set in, and she started crying softly.

Although she was resistant at first, Josh moved in closer, and wrapped an arm over her shoulders before whispering into her ear, “You can trust me. Okay? We can stay here as long as you’d like. And then I’m going to get you home safely. Alright?”

Still crying quietly, Nina released a long, ragged sigh before nodding her head in agreement against his shoulder.

Snowflakes began falling while Josh stared outside through the opening of the cave as he held her close. It was hard to believe Christmas was less than a month away, and sometime after the first of the year his new life would begin.

And his stepbrother Luke would finally be safe.

It was strange but the longer he held this girl in his arms, the more reluctant he was becoming about assuming the new cover which would enable him to start over.

And the longer they sat and stared at the falling flakes of snow, the more aware of her he was.

She smelled like…what?

Roses, maybe. Clean, fresh and…pure.

Josh started. What was he thinking?

But when he started to pull away, she clung to him more tightly, gazing into his face with concern.

He just couldn’t seem to help himself when he brushed his lips lightly against hers in reassurance.


Josh’s eyes went wide because it seemed to be such a magical moment, and Nina was staring into his eyes with the same bewilderment he was feeling himself.

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