A Special ‘Ops and Cops Christmas: Sexy Romantic Suspense Holiday Novella by Taylor Lee

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The cast from The Blonde Barracuda Collection and the All Fired Up Collection come together to celebrate Sam and Annika’s wedding. What could be more perfect than a Christmas wedding? Ask the terrorists who plan to keep ‘Happily Ever After’ from happening.

“Is… is this your house, Sam?”

“Uh… not now. But, yes, it is the house I grew up in.”

Annika sucked in a deep breath, not sure where the next one would come from. She didn’t have to look at Sam to know he was concerned. His voice said it all. As intuitive as Sam was, he’d know how upset she was. It was bad enough that a liveried driver picked them up at the airport in a stretch limousine. Or that the smiling black man kept referring to Sam as Mister Sam. That should have been her first clue. Now this? This house?

The tree-shaded cobblestone driveway looked at least a quarter of a mile long. That was once you passed through the palatial gates manned by two burly uniformed guards. Both men tapped on the hood, their faces lit with broad smiles and saluted Sam–as though he were royalty. Annika swallowed realizing that in a way he was. Her fiancé, that she was supposed to marry two days from now—in this house no less—was a fucking prince. The prodigal son returning home with his bride to be.

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