Naked in the Winter Wind by Dani Haviland

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I need to come back and face my new reality: pregnant and alone, my husband gallivanting off to parts unknown, probably to ‘get even’ with those men who had terrorized him last year. Ouch, this new reality is uncomfortable—and anxious—but not as scary as my transition from unconsciousness earlier. Waking up in the presence of strangers, with a real roof over my head, and with a noggin stretched to bursting with vibrant, disjointed, and unbidden information is more than one shock too many for me.

I still don’t know who I am, but now I recognize Sarah, both by her name and from the detailed descriptions of her given by Lisa Sinclaire, author of the romance novel series, ‘Lost.’ I don’t remember reading the stories, but I know all about Sarah, and her husband, too—Jody Pomeroy, the most perfect man in the world, 18th century hero of the Second Rising in Scotland, now an American patriot. The ‘Lost’ saga was supposed to be historical fiction, lusty science fiction fantasy, but Sarah Pomeroy is standing right in front of me. She really is a 20th century time traveler!

(Historical Fiction, Time Travel. 99 cents or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited)

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