Bad Boys for Hire: Nick by Rachelle Ayala

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Nick had promised Carol shopping, so shopping it was.

“Why won’t you let me see where we’re going?” Carol tried to pry his hands off her face.

He turned her chair sharply into a storefront with frosted privacy glass and graphics of happy females on their logo.

“Okay, open your eyes.” He placed her wheelchair where her eyes would be level to the biggest example of the store’s specialties.

“What?” Carol opened her mouth. She stared at a giant plastic cock.

“Like what you see?” Nick turned her around on the wooden floor so she could get a view of all the displays from essential oils to massagers, books, videos, whips, feathers, thongs, and g-strings.

“I can’t believe you brought me here.” She clapped her hands over her mouth. “Why would I need a giant thrusting vibrator?”

Nick wheeled her to a wall festooned with brightly-colored vibrators of all shapes and sizes. “How about a pair of rabbit ears with rotating beads?”

“I could never …” She swallowed the rest of the words.

He took one of the samples and wrapped her hand around it. “You never know unless you try.”

“You’re pushy, aren’t you?” She stroked it and a wan smile graced her face.

“Can’t hurt.”

Suddenly, she jolted her head back and laughed. “Of course it can’t hurt. I can’t feel a thing. It would be a waste of batteries.”

At least she was laughing. A few days ago, she would have been highly insulted. He was softening her up.

“Then get the rechargeable USB one.” He picked up a translucent purple monstrosity with vibrating, rotating thrusters and ticklers.

“I think I’d rather have the real thing, if you know what I mean.” Licking her lips, she spun the wheelchair around and parked in front of an instructional DVD for giving blow jobs.

Immediately, Nick’s dick shot up. Why the vixen was flirting with him. He removed his Santa’s hat and held it in front of his crotch as he watched her peruse the DVD section.

“I’m going to ask Santa for this one.” She glanced up and laughed. “Why’s your hat off and you look like you swallowed prunes?”

The saleslady chose that moment to sidle up to them. “Do you folks have any questions? Are you finding everything okay?”

“Oh, yes, we are.” Carol turned toward her. “I’d like to get rabbit ears for all my friends and an anal plug for this butthole standing next to me.”

“Wonderful, how many friends do you have?” The saleslady’s lips smirked and her gaze zeroed into Nick’s Santa’s hat covering his crotch.

“Six. I mustn’t forget my sister,” Carol said. “What kind of anal plugs do you have?”

“Actually we have one that’s combined with a ring to keep him hard longer,” the saleslady said with a loud voice.

Nick cringed and peeked around the store. A few other customers snickered. Worst of all, none were wearing Santa outfits.

“How about this one?” the saleslady continued. “It’s a prostate vibrator. Rechargeable and waterproof. Made of the highest grade medical silicon.”

“Oh, Nick! That’s so you.” Carol chortled. “I’ll take that one. You’ve been such a nice boy, you deserve something naughty.”

“Actually, let’s get that jumbo Titan thruster for her.” Nick reached for the large eleven-inch vibrator long enough for a horse.

“I think he’ll be needing nipple clamps to go with his butt vibrator,” Carol said, keeping the saleslady busy.

“Arousal gel, the slip and slide her way to orgasm brand, jumbo tube.” Nick raised his finger to point at a banner hanging over the lotions and creams section.

Not to be outdone, Carol spun toward the mangasm section and shouted. “Pocket pussy. For when you can’t get the real thing.”

“Flesh-colored realistic dildo with balls for her. Let’s get the eight-and-a-half inch one.”

“Lube, and lots of it. Make it the stimulating herbal one he can use with his anal vibrator.”

“We’ve got to get her a finger vibrator. How about this one with the pleasure nubs?”

“Hold it,” Carol shouted to the saleslady. “Nick needs this vacuum penis pump. One-handed, wireless, and rechargeable.”

That was going way too far. Penis pumps were used by guys with small penises in the hopes of drawing more blood to enlarge it.

Nick grabbed the penis pump from the saleslady and put it back on its display. “Enough. Santa’s workshop is closed.”

“So, how much of this did you want to buy?” The saleslady waved her hand over the pile of toys.

“I’ll take it all,” Carol said. “I’ve got a lot of horny friends, and this year, I’ll be the surprise Santa for their Gala party.”

Surprise Santa? Carol? Nick’s eyebrows must have popped from his forehead as he watched Carol pull out her credit card and hand it to the saleslady.

What kind of monster had he created here?

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