All About You by Natalie Ann

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Excerpt from Prologue

Opening the front door, Finn toed his shoes off, put his captain’s hat on the hook, and walked a few steps further in to see his mother rocking his infant son.

“Shh, I just got him to sleep. Why don’t you go to bed now? You look like you could use it. You had a rough night,” his mother said. Becca should be at work by now since it was her first day back.

He nodded his head. “Thanks.”

No need to say anything else. He knew his parents had a scanner at their house and were always listening when he was on duty. They hated the line of work he went into, something he wanted to do since he was a child, but they stood by and supported him even through their fears.

He walked up the stairs to his bedroom, opened the door, pulled his shirt over his head, and tossed it toward the hamper. When it missed, he could have cared less at that point. Then he unbuttoned his pants, slid them down, and sat on the bed to kick them away before he yanked off his socks. He turned to pull the covers back and drop off into oblivion.

Only there was an envelope on his pillow. Frowning, he picked it up, pulled the paper out, and read the few lines. Not believing what he was seeing, he read it again.

It couldn’t be. She wouldn’t have. It had to be a joke.

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