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Do you remember the first time you fell in love?

How about that smile you didn’t want to fill your face when you saw that special someone, fearing they’d think you were nuts? You know that one. The big toothy one with sparkles in your eyes because everything you see is surrounded by rainbows, puppies, and unicorns.

And let’s not forget the sweaty palms and racing heart. Butterflies swarming in the belly too. Been there and done that.

I was thirteen the first time I fell in love. Seven years later, I walked down the aisle with my high school sweetheart. We’ve been married twenty-four years now.

Whether you are a teen or in your twenties, maybe your thirties, forties, or even seventies, when you fall in love, everything looks different…feels differently too. That giddiness that makes you hop out of bed and rush to see your sweetheart.

That’s why I put together a collection of three of my favorite novels. They also happen to be the first book in each of my three series.

First Comes Love is out for a limited time for $4.99. That’s a big savings when each book sells for $2.99. And if you’ve got Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free!

Included in this set are the stories of Ben Harper and Presley James of All or Nothing, Nick Buchanan and Mallory Denning of Second Chance and Brody Fierce and Aimee Reed of Fierce-Brody.

If you’re looking for the thrill of love, you’ll enjoy First Comes Love!

A Cruise around the British Isles by Mona Risk

In the summer of 2016, my husband and I took a fifteen-day cruise around the British Isles. Our first stop was in St. Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey Island, the largest of the Channels islands, located west of Normandy, France.



In the south, Guernsey rises in a plateau with ragged coastal cliffs. It descends in steps and is drained mainly by streams flowing northward in deeply incised valleys. Northern Guernsey is low-lying, with the soil on lower ground made of blown sand, raised beach deposits, and the fills of old lagoons.

The guide explained that the residents of Guernsey speak English and French, don’t pay taxes (or pay very low taxes) and enjoy free medical care for children under seven and seniors over seventy. The island originally belonged to the Duke of Normandy and then alternatively to England and France. Now it is part of the British Commonwealth. The ruler is a governor and the constitution states that in case of problems the island would revert to England.

St. Andrew Chapel built with ceramic pieces donnated by Wedgewood.

I loved the setting.

My muse immediately replaced the governor with a prince, just like the rulers of Monaco or Luxemburg, both in Europe, and my imagination changed their constitution–the heir to the throne must be married.

Gernsey Island became the Rensy Island of my new story.



The ruling prince is old and dying, and he worries about the future of his country. His fondest wish is to see his grandson married. But… 

The young prince, a handsome businessman and playboy, enjoys his freedom too much to be trapped into an arranged marriage.


All of this played in my head while I was in the bus touring the island and visiting the landmarks.

Imagine if Kate Middleton (Dr. Amy in my story) were an American doctor, dedicated to her career and her patients.

What if Prince William (Prince Paul in my story) wanted to make sure his future wife will love him for himself and not for his crown?

What if he decided to act as her driver and guide in Paris to get to know her better?

What if their attraction turns into passionate love?

What about her medical career and her patients?

And now what if Meghan Markle decides to work after marrying her prince?

What if the paparazzi haunt them at every turn? What if the tabloid magazines spoil everything? What if…what if…what if…

I wrote the first draft of A BRIDE FOR PRINCE PAUL during my cruise.

A Bride for Prince Paul (Modern Princes Series Book 1)

She can’t abandon her patients for his crown!   To please his dying grandfather and protect his country’s autonomy, Prince Paul of Rensy Island must marry an American doctor, descendant of a Rensian princess. Paul, a confirmed bachelor, agrees to meet Amy incognito during her vacation in Paris. Although her career and ex-boyfriend are major interferences, attraction sizzles between Amy and her ‘driver’, but the rumor of her engagement to ‘Prince’ Paul outrages her. Can he convince her that he loves her, in spite of his lies by omission?

Have you been inspired to write a book during a particular vacation?


Mona Risk

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Mona Risk, received an Outstanding Achiever Award from Affaire de Coeur Magazine. She’s a two time winner of Best Contemporary Romance of the Year from Readers Favorite; a winner of Best Romance Novel of the Year from Preditors & Editors Readers Poll; and an EPIC Award finalist.
Mona Risk’s name has often been posted on the 100 Most Popular Authors in Romance list, and her books have garnered: Top Pick, Outstanding Read, Sweetheart of the Week, and Best Book of the Week from various reviewers, and received two mentions in Publisher’s Weekly.
Mona lives in South Florida and has traveled to more than eighty countries on business or vacation. She writes contemporary romances, medical romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal fantasy. Sprinkled with a good dose of humor, her stories are set in the fascinating places she visited or more simply at home.
If you like to travel and love to read, come and enjoy her international romances. Meet the spirited heroines and special heroes who share irresistible chemistry in stories that simmer with emotion.
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Unforgettable Memory #3 A Summer as a Fire Lookout

Unforgettable Memory #3 A Summer as a Fire Lookout
Nancy Radke #mgtab

After four years of college, my husband and I needed a break from working our way through college, so he took a job as a fire lookout with the Forest Service. They put our supplies on pack-mules and took both of us to the top of Granite Mountain in the Snoqualmie National Forest. We had to call the station and let them know any time the lookout was unmanned.

We were located at the center of all the lookouts, so most of our time was spent relaying messages from one spot to another, usually from firefighters to the Ranger Station. Our station was about twelve by twelve. It had windows completely around it, a fire-finder in the very center, and a catwalk outside. The bed was a narrow cot just wide enough for the two of us. It was only as high as the windows, which we left open at night, until we discovered that mice liked to come inside and run across us to check the place out for crumbs. We could feel them scurrying across the blankets.

We had a stool with insulators as legs, which we were to stand on if manning the radio during a lightning storm. Long cables ran from our large antenna mounted on the roof, down the corners of the lookout and down the mountainside. A burned path under the cables showed their effectiveness. I was already teaching school in the fall when we had our first lightning storm, so my husband had to weather it himself. He said it was really noisy!

Most of the time it was just us and the volcanic peaks around the area, Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams. This was before St. Helens blew off her top, so they all had beautiful, rounded glacier-covered tops. The clouds would roll in from the Pacific, filling the valleys, then rolling over a ridge and filling the next valley in line. After a few hours they would cover the land, leaving just us and the volcanoes, as if we were in an airplane. Then they would rise up enough to reach our catwalk, then go over us. Then we were in thick fog!

My kitchen was a two-burner camp stove, set on a wooden box that could be moved if it got in the way of the fire-finder. A square metal box with a door served as an oven. I had to use high-altitude recipes as we were around a mile above sea level. The “refrigerator” was a large cream can like the ones I used on the farm. We put it in a nearby snow bank. I could make Jello in a jar, just screw on a lid and put it in the can. When the snow bank left, we kept the can full of water, and that kept things cold.

We had visitors all summer. Our favorites were former lookouts, as they would bring us newspapers and other little items that you don’t miss until you are without. Sometimes we would get a Boy Scout troop, all full of questions, wanting to see how the fire-finder worked.

Our loo was a box with a lid on it, placed where you could sit and look out across the entire mountainside. Took me a while to feel comfortable using that! The man who packed in our supplies would sit out there with his binoculars, looking for bear, so he could find them when hunting season came. Our shower was a mile down the trail at an ice-covered lake, which made a small waterfall as it melted. Jump under and get wet, jump out and soap up, jump under again and then out and dry. No one took long showers.

I made lots of huckleberry pies, as the altitude didn’t affect them, and picked enough huckleberries to freeze for the winter. Once while picking I looked up the slope in front of me and saw a stag resting in the bushes. Startled both of us. He jumped over me and took off. The former lookouts had tamed a marmot, which would come and take crackers from my husband’s hand. I was never brave enough to keep holding the cracker when the marmot rushed me to get the treat.

I needed three more credits to get a teacher’s certificate. I signed up for a summer correspondence course and at the same time got a job teaching sixth grade in Kirkland. I had just turned twenty-one, but for some reason they hired me. I finished my correspondence course up there. Plenty of time to read, study, write, and just relax. It was a great way to spend the summer, and I was rested and ready to brave teaching for the first time that fall. I think they do their fire patrols with airplanes now, but the lookout experience was one I’m really happy to have had.

My book, “Courage Dares,” is set in that location, and I notice most of my stories have mountains in them. I live in the city now, but the mountains remain my favorite memories. Buy here at Amazon

Nancy Radke

Nancy Radke grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in SE Washinton State. She attended a one-room country school through the eighth grade. She learned to ride bareback at age 3 (Really! It was a common practice.) and when she got off or fell off, she would pull her horse’s nose to the ground, get on behind its ears, and the horse would lift its head so she could scoot down onto its back. She spent most of her childhood exploring the Blue Mountain trails that bordered the ranchlands. She and a friend once took a trail that turned out to be a two day trip. They always rode with matches and pocket knives, so made camp and returned the next day. These long rides worried her parents, but provided plenty of time to make up stories. Her first novel was set in the Blues, and is entitled APPALOOSA BLUES. TURNAGAIN LOVE was the first one published. It rated a four star review from Affaire de Coeur. Scribes World said “Turnagain Love has some fascinating twists and turns, unexpected complications, and charming scenes.” It is light and humorous.
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Hello and happy Friday!

It’s been super chilly where I live—unseasonably so, in fact. (Like 2 degrees at night; that’s barely above freezing! Brrrr!) Today, however, the sun finally popped out for a bit.

Between the delicious (unfamiliar!) brightness and heat and a week of new release fun and craziness, my brain is totally addled, LOL. So much so that I nearly forgot it was my day to post here, lovely Author Billboard fans. Ooops and so sorry. That would never do!

If you were watching for REELING and missed it somehow, like I mentioned above . . . it has launched and is ready for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!


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Wishing you a lovely sun and book-filled weekend,
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Ev Bishop lives and writes in a remote small town in wildly beautiful British Columbia, Canada—a place that inspires the setting for her cozy sweet romance series, RIVER’S SIGH B & B.

Book 1 in the series, WEDDING BANDS, is FREE right now, so go to your favorite eBook vendor and grab your copy today!

Ev also writes and publishes under the pen name Toni Sheridan.

In addition to writing novels—her favorite form of storytelling!—Ev is a long-time columnist with the Terrace Standard and a prolific scribbler of articles, essays, short stories and poems. To see her ever growing body of work, please visit her website.

When Ev’s nose isn’t in a book or her fingers aren’t on her keyboard, you’ll find her hanging out with her family and dogs, or playing outside with friends, usually at the lake or in some garden somewhere.