Who’s your mama?

I’m the mama because I create people and decide where they live in the real world! And every mama wants her children to have friends. And readers are our babies’ best friends.
My first baby (Naked in the Winter Wind) came to me in 2008. I wondered what would it be like if I could interact with fictional characters, something like those in Outlander? The idea (okay, obsession) wouldn’t leave, so I started writing it out, thinking that by typing it out, I would quiet the thoughts. Nope. What it did was give my thoughts fertile ground for germination, runners now able to spread to new genre territories, a forest of tales from Alaska to Australia, involving everyone from cops to kids, heat levels from sweet to saucy. I was hooked on writing, now a fertile mama to dozens of babies.
The rest, as they say, is history and a rapidly expanding backlist.
One of my latest is a sweet stand-alone romance based in Oregon. BE MY ANGEL is part of UNFORGETTABLE WEDDINGS, a bundle of eight romances (all heat levels) available now for 99 cents or read for free with your Kindle Unlimited account.

Excerpt from Jade: Perfect Match Beach Series

A multi-author series is fun for both readers and writers. Basically, someone comes up with a story premise and everyone writes their own story while following a set of rules. This summer, a group of us got together to write a story about a matchmaking agency. The premise is to put two strangers together and give them a free one-week vacation. The strangers were selected by the Perfect Match Agency as a promotional tool to show how well their algorithms work. We have six stories total, and my book, Jade, will release Tuesday May 22. Be sure to look for the entire Perfect Match series on Amazon (available through Kindle Unlimited).

A romance author without a romance. A Navy SEAL looking for a little R&R. What could happen in a week on an island getaway?

Jade’s Perfect Match Dating Profile

Miss PITA, Age 25

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

Let’s cut to the chase. Most online match profiles are untrue and lame. Everyone is outgoing, a great cook, loves to hike, and yogas themselves into a pretzel on a regular basis.

As if you care.

Me? I’m difficult, entitled, spoiled, and did I say I hate cats? I’m not the type of woman you bring home to mom, I can’t fix stupid, and I most definitely don’t do boring.

Why should you pick my profile?


If you’re looking for a soulmate, don’t look at me. If you’re hoping for the love of your life, keep swiping. But if you’re as sick of dating and relating as I am, then maybe you’re the partner I’m NOT looking for.

Jade is trying to be difficult because even though she writes romance, she’s given up on romance. When she gets matched to Aiden, a cocky and determined Navy SEAL, she’s in for a rough ride. Can Aiden meet and beat the challenge of sweeping a reluctant romantic off her feet?

Jade: Perfect Match takes place on the imaginary Caribbean island of Ile d’Amour, Island of Love, complete with sandy beaches, a lush tropical jungle, and an active volcano. See what mischief Jade and Aiden get into on their one-week Perfect Match date.

Available May 22, or preorder from Amazon.


Crossover Fiction: Building Your Supernatural World @PRosemoor #mgtab

I’ve always been drawn to supernatural stories, especially where romance was involved.

I’ve been asked many times how I was able to create the worlds that populate crossover fiction – I combine romance with suspense with supernatural elements.

I’ve just resurrected WOLF MOON (The McKenna Legacy Book 7), RT Book Review’s Best Intrigue of 2007. It’s on digital pre-order and will be published on May 24. Are you ready for a werewolf story? WOLF MOON is closer to horror than urban fantasy — it has the monsters you’re sure are there but you can’t see until they show their true colors in the big finish. Of course it’s a story with a sweeping romance throughout, one very different than you might expect.


Aileen McKenna came to the remote town of Wolf Creek to study wolves in the wild and ran into Rhys Lindgren, an enigmatic man with dark secrets and a connection to the local wolf pack. Frightened townspeople were convinced a predatory wolf was on the loose after three men were found dead in the woods. Rhys didn’t blame the wolves any more than Aileen, and she intended to prove their innocence. But would Rhys take her into the snow-covered forest to do that? She’d have to be alone with him and trust him to draw out a killer…

Pre-Order Special price 99c now through May 27 (pub date May 24)




I taught a segment of urban fantasy in my Writing Popular Fiction class at Columbia College Chicago for fourteen years, so I had to come up with some tips for my students and would like to share them with those of you who are as intrigued by woo-woo stories as I am.

Is your main character human or preternatural (supernatural)? If human, does s/he have magical or other powers? Is there a love interest who is of a different type of creature? Do any human characters know about the magic going on around them or is the presence of preternatural characters secret? Is there an overriding conflict due to the preternatural presence?

Are you using the present day world? An alternate history? What are the rules of your new world? Make a list. Then stick to it. What kind of magic can be used? Remember that magic always has a price.

What is the social structure of your world? If the preternatural characters are known, are they considered monsters or do they have legal rights? How do your preternatural characters differ from others in other stories? Make them your own.

What kinds of challenges will your protagonist face? What are your protagonist’s strengths? Weaknesses?

How much romance will your book have? Is this book one in a series, and if so, does the same romance carry through multiple books or does the romance change? If you’re developing a series, what is the over-arcing element that continues through several books?

In January, I published ANIMAL INSTINCTS (Kindred Souls Book 1), the first  of an urban fantasy romantic thriller series — today’s Chicago with  a supernatural underground.

Half-human, half-Kindred, Luc Lazare doesn’t want more complications in his life. He’s focused on protecting his shapeshifting family and love is the last distraction he needs. Skye Cross has the ability to talk to animals. Her most recent animal rescue mission–stopping an alleged dog fight–actually involved shifters in a primal battle. Skye quickly finds herself caught in a dangerous world she never knew existed, while relying on a man she couldn’t possibly trust. Coming from two different worlds, can Luc and Skye overcome the obstacles fated to keep them apart? 


The next time you read a paranormal romance of any kind, see if you can answer the questions I posed above. And above all, enjoy!

Tell Me What You Want #mgtab @Natalieann121

May was a big month for me. On May 8th, I published my 20th book! Woohoo!!! It was True Love, a novella that will also be appearing in A Wedding She’ll Remember with 8 other fabulous authors. Both books are just 99 cents!



Today, I’m publishing my 21st book! Fierce-Aiden. I’ve got to say, this is the 4th series I’ve written and though I love them all, this one is actually the most fun to write. There is just something about a meddling mama that cracks me up. The draft of Fierce-Cade was completed this week, which means I’ve only got 1 more book to write in this series, but I’ve decided to add more into the extended family.

So why the title of “Tell Me What You Want?” Because I’ve been getting emails, reviews, and comments that several of my readers love my other series too and want to know if there are more books coming from them also.

Well, the answer is YES!! So I’m taking a little survey, you could say. Click on the picture below and it will hop you over to my FB page. Just comment what you’d like to see more of first when I finish the Fierce Five Series. Comment: All Series, Lake Placid Series, or Fierce Series.

On May 18th I’m going to randomly draw a name from the comments and award someone a $15 Amazon gift card. A little bit of a thank you to all my readers who tell me what they’re looking for.

Keep the comments, the posts, and the emails coming. I love to hear from you, because without you, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.

Happy Mother’s Day

Just a quick post to wish every mom out there a wonderful Mother’s Day. Yes, this includes fur-mamas–they go through the same angst and joy over a beloved pet. Love and caring during the tough times like the flu, diapers, sleepless nights–it is all worth it for a genuine smile, or a real hug. I am grateful for my amazing mom, and terrific aunts–and now my daughter is celebrating her first Mother’s Day. Sigh.

Have a great day!



Were You A Tomboy? @AliciaStreet1 #mgtab

I was. One of my earliest memories is of an apple tree I tried climbing. At the age of two. And thanks to a boost from my dad, I made it into those branches covered with spring blossoms.

My poor mom. Beds were for cushioning dive rolls, shelves for climbing to the top so I could leap off, clotheslines for hand-over-hand travel. I always craved a physical challenge and woe to the boy who suggested he could beat me at it.

As the years passed, my wild tendencies got tempered by gymnastics and dance and a variety of sports activities. And trees became a place where I could hide with a good book.

My romance novel Tomboy Bride is about what happens when a tomboy grows up.Can she change her image? And what about her relationship with her mother?

Tomboy Bride is on sale for 99¢ this week.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! ~ With a special smile for all those mothers that had to raise a tomboy child. 🙂



Simply Unforgettable

Our recent boxes of romantic suspense novels:




My contribution to Unforgettable Danger is a special story that came to me while  catching a glimpse of a TV ad showing skinny dirty kids with haggard eyes and tattered clothes. I suddenly froze, upset by the pictures and the use of children to collect money.

On second thought, these hungry kids really exist. Somewhere. In too many places. And I kept thinking about them.

As we are getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, I am grateful that our children are lucky to be raised by loving parents. But what happens to babies, toddlers and small children who lose their parents too early in life and have no one to raise and love them?

FOR SARAH’S SAKE is the story of a three-year-old precious little girl. Her father, an American gold star hero gave his life for his country in the Middle East. Her mother, a Syrian refugee, comes to the US to give birth and find the American grandparents of her baby. Too soon, she dies of cancer and leaves her daughter to the kind doctor who took care of her when she was fighting a losing battle with her illness.

Dr. David Dutton is on the brink of divorce. Helping Sarah may help him save his marriage. Unfortunately, the search for her relatives endangers both Sarah and his soon-to-be ex-wife. In the midst of danger and legal battle, the feisty little girl works miracles with her babbling and laughter.

This is story that will make you laugh and cry, scream and gasp, and bite your nails, until the unexpected happy ending.

10 Unforgettable Memories by Nancy Radke

The Author’s Billboard has done a set of “Unforgettable” Romances, with Unforgettable Suspense and so forth, so I wanted to do 10 Unforgettable Memories. Here is #2.

Unforgettable Memory # 2 A One-room Country School

This really dates me, but I attended a one-room country school that had one large room that could be divided by a wooden accordion-type door. I had the same teacher for all eight grades. During the morning, grades 1-4 were on one side and grades 5-8 on the other side. In the afternoon the teacher who taught the upper grades left, and the full-time teacher opened the doors and we were all with her in one classroom. She would play the piano as we sang. I remember “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp” being a favorite of the boys, as they would stamp their feet in time. We sang patriotic songs like “God Bless America,” and religious songs, like “The Old Rugged Cross.” Maybe that’s why we never had many problems at school.

We usually had around eighteen to twenty kids in the entire school, with some grades not having anyone in them, while other grades might have as many as four. As you can see, our bus wasn’t very big. I went through my grade school years with one other girl, my best friend. In a large classroom, you heard everyone’s lessons, so that by the time you reached the upper grades, you pretty well knew all the answers. My friend and I would study together, correcting our own work. When we were finished, we would help the younger kids with reading or math or spelling. It was like a large homeschool. No politics were pushed, and there were some things we learned, like diagramming sentences and cursive penmanship, that have been dropped by our “busy” teachers today.

At the beginning of the year our dads would burn off all the cheat grass, so that we played in ashes for a week or so before it got trampled into the dirt. We all wore jeans to school, and those of us who had horses would sometimes all ride to school on the same day, so we could play King of the Mountain on horseback. I doubt it would be allowed today, but we rode bareback, two on each horse, with one kid guiding the horse while the kid behind would try to pull the other team off their horse. Nobody ever got trampled, and I don’t remember any broken bones.

Most of our games were running games of tag. To have a baseball game, you needed everyone. The first time I was catcher as a first grader (no gear except for a glove), the eighth grader who was pitching knocked me out with his pitch. Hardball. Some of our eighth graders took a while to go through school, so we had some eighteen-year-old eighth graders. It was years before I could watch a baseball coming toward me and not flinch.

We had a large 8-foot high merry-go-round that our dads had made out of iron bars and machine parts. The eighth graders would get it spinning so hard that we could hang onto the upright bars, about six feet off the ground, throw our feet out, and fly parallel to the ground. If you let go, you would fly out into space and land on the ground, hard, or hit a nearby tree, so most of us just pulled ourselves back down to the seats again. Last I looked, that merry-go-round was still standing.

We had Farm Bureau meetings about four times a year, or more. Once the meeting was over, the men pushed back the desks, got out the fiddle and opened the piano, and we square danced. Since there weren’t very many of us, any kid old enough to walk got pulled into the squares and guided around from one adult to the next. Lots of fun. Even today, there are certain songs we used to dance to, where I remember the calls, rather than the words of that song.

I wish kids today could have that kind of schooling. We all accepted each other, and were like a big family. There may have been problems, but none I was aware of. We had chores to do around the schoolhouse, including putting wood into the big kitchen range that put off a lot of heat in the winter. If your shoes and feet were soaked and cold from the snow, the teacher would drop open the oven door and put a chunk of thick leather on it, then we would put our feet on the leather and get warm while we read a book.

I actually “wrote” my first few books while going to that school, even illustrating them. I never dreamed that years later, I would write so many. My book in the Unforgettable Suspense set is called Spirit of a Champion, a story about a woman who is trying to save her brother’s life. He is a prize fighter, and she is trying to stop the fight in Las Vegas. Everyone is against her, even trying to kill her. The hero is her brother’s opponent, who thinks she is trying to distract him from preparing for the bout.
Unforgettable Suspense