Small Town Glamour Girl Romance Series: 3 Book Set

3 Book Set: Small Town Glamour Girl Romance Series
If you love romantic comedy with a touch of poignancy, you’ll love these stories…
Small Town Glamour Girl Christmas
Julie loves her small town life. She loves her family run Inn. This much she is sure about.
But what she’s not sure about is if she really loves her boyfriend Neil. Especially after Jack returns to town for the big Christmas celebration.
Now that they’re all grown up, Julie is all too aware that Jack is a billionaire city boy from London. The magic and charm of the small town Christmas rekindles the connection, but
what chance does a small town glamour girl have at a romance with a big city billionaire boy?

Small Town Glamour Girl Wedding
First comes love, then comes marriage and then comes happily-ever-after. That’s the way Julie always thought it would be.
She never dreamed she’d feel like Cinderella, never dreamed she wouldn’t like it.
Once a stunning secret from their mothers’ past is revealed, they realize their differences could be deeper than they ever dreamed.
Jack and Julie must re-think their plans after all. Will they or won’t they say I do?

Small Town Hot Shot Bride
Tammy Murphy may be a hot shot in a small town, but she’s tired of getting left behind by guys just passing through.
Roark Donovan arrives for the summer to find himself irresistibly drawn to this feisty hot shot–and in the process questions his dart board approach to life choices.
They have nothing in common. She’s a hard working girl from a normal family and he’s from a silver spoon family with the world as his playground.
Will Tammy foolishly get swept up by charming out-of-towner Roark and his runaway train attraction? Or will she derail him for good?

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