Scotland Yard Exchange Romantic Suspense: The Complete 5 Book Series Blurb:

Scotland Yard Exchange Romantic Suspense
Between A Rock & A Mad Woman
The series starts with the prequel Between a Rock & a Mad Woman where the race for governor gets heated up when the press finds out that the two candidates, Peter John Douglas and Madeline Grace were once lovers, engaged to be married. The campaign turns into a war of the sexes until someone sabotages Madeline and Peter has to decide if he’ll rescue her.
The Throwbacks
Book 1 of the series – Peter John Douglas takes a chance on David Young on hiatus from Scotland Yard and hires as head of a special exchange program with the Boston police department. David has a lot to prove and rescuing the kidnapped fiancee of the lieutenant governor should be his number one priority. Except he finds himself smitten with Grace, a young, fluffy and totally inappropriate interior designer who has designs on him…
The Hot Shots
Book 2 of the series – With the exchange program up and running, David Young imports a hot shot stud on the run from London to hide him in Boston far from his terrorist enemy’s reach. Chauncey Miller would have been safer if he hadn’t had to protect Sophia, a decorator friend of the David and Grace. Sophia was supposed to be doing a harmless favor for them, but she knew her life would never be the same the second she hit the water after Chauncey had them jumping off the USS Constitution and into Boston Harbor–all in the name of staying safe…
The Romantics
Book 3 of the series – Joe was used to being in charge of the governor’s security, but he owed Peter so he agreed to the cupcake assignment that took him to London on New Years Eve in time for a royal ball. He should have resented the mission to babysit the royal cousin Lady Veronica, except not only was she in big trouble and in need of a protector, she was also the most beautiful woman he ever met–inside and out. First he needed to keep her alive and then he’d figure out how to convince her to leave her royal post…
The Beachcombers
Book 4 of the series – Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise owed the governor or he’d never have agreed to going undercover in a surfing competition. And he’d damn well would never have agreed to partnering with the ridiculously gorgeous detective from Scotland Yard, Shana George. They both needed to focus on finding a kidnapped heiress while watching each other’s backs–and without getting distracted by their impossible attraction…

Goodreads Review
“Stephanie Queen as a wonderful touch that carries her books to a whole new place. The characters touched my heart and kept me chuckling.” –Jeanie Jackson

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